The best of art, skills and music all brought out with this Deejay duo in Sherbrooke, Quebec; Dibblebee XLTRAX DJ lap.

Energetic voice artist and deejay Dibblebee’s career began from the ground up in 2006 when he discovered and experimented with internet radio. Since then he has not looked back, improving his skills daily thanks to a passion for music and audio production. He has created many commercials, radio spots, dj mixes and radio shows for Internet, AM and FM radio. Aside from being very busy on the internet showcasing his mixes, Dibblebee rocks the airwaves locally on  his local FM station in Sherbrooke, Quebec CJMQ 88.9FM .DJ Lap has over 20 years of experience deejaying in different venues in Quebec, Canada. He is truly passionate for Electronic Trance and House music.

When DJ Lap gets on the decks, his fans (men and women) melt at his feet, quivering in anticipation to  feel him lay down some finishing chorus’, vocals and beats. When they achieve this trance like state, DJ Lap finishes them off with mind blowing, eargasmic sounds that leave them in a desirous pool of their own satisfaction.The Duo, Dibblebee and DJ Lap now bring you two hours of sounds on XLTRAX Main station. First, Dibblebee presents to you the top 10 dance songs of the week. You will enjoy the up to date music news and then turn back the clock with flashback 90s early 2000s dance classics. Then, DJ Lap brings you a one hour mix of some of the latest sounds in EDM music.

The show goes on every Sunday at 7pm – 9pm eastern.

Website  http://dibblebee.com

Facebook http://facebook.com/dibblebeeshow