BB3 Dynamics on The Dibblebee Show

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bb3 dynamics

BB3 Dynamics on The Dibblebee Show

BB3 Dynamics on The Dibblebee Show

bb3 dynamicsDiscover experimental sounds based on the trichotomy philosophical principal by BB3 Dynamics. The very talented music producer was a guest on The Dibblebee Top 10 Dance Songs of the Week airing on the week of December 18, 2015. BB3 introduced to the dance music world three songs on the Life Trichotomy EP and then came back with the Life Trichotomy Reincarnated – The Remixes EP. Bates Belk III is the global producer and sound designer from Germany behind BB3, his high energy remixes have moved audiences all around the world. Bates has had the opportunity to travel a part of the world and in each travel has embraced the art and culture which he was able to express in his own music.

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BB3 Dynamics Youtube Video “It’s in the mind”

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