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Internet Hosting and Cloud Services



One of the tech services that can be used to more efficiently use computer technology is web hosting services. With web hosting, organizations and individuals can post a website online and publish it on the internet. Web host services give them the right to have a site online at all times. In order to host a website, users will need to have a service provider. A web host provider is a business that specializes in using technology to keep a website on the internet.


  • Domain Names


When businesses and individuals host a website, the first thing they will need is a domain name. A domain name is the actual name of the website that one publishes. Domain names will usually have the name of the organization or person followed by a .com, .net, .edu or .gov. Using a domain name is what site owners use in order to distinguish their site from others.


  • Fees


Getting a web host service will cost you some money. The good news is that the cost of having a website hosted is quite low. A web host service will usually cost between $3 and $7 per month which is very affordable for anyone looking to have a website. Fees for a web host service vary but they are often in this range. As a result, getting a website hosted is a manageable expense.


  • SSL Certificate


Whenever a business or person is looking to get a website, it is important to have a SSL certificate. This ensures that your site is completely secure and minimizes the chances of getting hacked or having important information stolen. Those who want to publish a website will want to have SSL certification so that they can provide visitors with more confidence when looking at the site.


  • Money Back Guarantees


At times you may not be satisfied with the services that you get to host your site. As a result, you will benefit by using a company that offers a money back guarantee. When looking to use a web host service, make sure that they offer this so that you can get your money back if you need to change host providers.




When looking to use tech services, one of things that you will want to use is cloud services. These are services where a person or businesses uses either software, platforms or infrastructure that is hosted by a third party provider and allows you to use them through internet access. Cloud services help manage the flow of data from tablets, desktops and laptops to provider systems. When using a computer, operating system and a connection to a network on the internet is using the cloud. All of the infrastructure, software and platforms that someone can access with the internet and without needing any software downloads make up the cloud. With cloud there are a number of as a service solutions which help make it function and meet the needs of users.




Services of the cloud work through certain software and hardware. Unlike many other software and hardware solutions, cloud does not require anything other than a computer, an operating system and a network connection. As a result, this is a very simplified option when it comes to accessing and using computer technology.




When looking to use cloud infrastructure, providers look to detach the capabilities of computers from specific hardware components by separating a few things. First, the processing power form central processing units are altered. The active memory from random access memory chips is separated. All graphics processing from the graphics processing units are also detached. Lastly, there is more data storage from disk drives and flash drives available.


The cloud infrastructure is usually run through visualization. After all of the software components are detached, all of the network and storage components are provided through the internet as infrastructure. With this feature of cloud, the rise of cloud storage has become increasingly more common. With the new cloud storage, big data is saved and is then part of the Internet of Things.




Providers of cloud often use software and resources to develop platforms. These platforms consist of online environments where developers can write code and run new applications. When looking to build cloud platforms, providers need to do a variety of things including abstracting the capabilities of a computer from hardware components. In order to provide a cloud platform, providers need to use some more levels of development in order to install new technology. These include orchestration, application programming interfaces, security management, routing and automation. The user experience design or UX is also something important to consider when looking to create an online platform that is easy to navigate. A number of cloud platforms such as the PaaS allow providers to use one that is highly scalable. The two most common PaaS platforms are the public and private clouds.


  • Infrastructure as a Service


This service provides computer users with the resources for storage and networking.


  • Software as a Service


This service provides computer users with an app that is completely functional along with a platform that runs and makes up the main structure of it the platform.


  • Platform as a Service


The platform as a service give users a platform to run applications and the IT infrastructure required to run.


  • Function as a Service


Function as a Service is made up of a model that is both event and execution driven. This allows developers to build, run and manage packages of apps that function without maintaining any infrastructure.






Public cloud providers use their own unique approach to offering cloud to users. These providers use infrastructure, platforms and apps from the hardware that they actually own. They put all of apps in large data lakes which share many users all over the internet. Today, some of the most popular public platforms of cloud include Amazon web services, IBM cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba.


The private cloud is the other type of cloud platforms that is widely used by providers. A private platform is also known as a managed cloud provider. This type of cloud provider focuses on serving customers. It is managed, configured and deployed by those who provide cloud instead of the customer. With the private platform, companies that have a shortage of IT professionals can provide better quality services and infrastructure to other users of the cloud.




Like many other computer services, cloud uses certain software in order to function. The most common type of cloud software is made through SaaS. Since this is highly advanced software, it is very expensive and required companies to invest a considerable amount into. As an online app to customers, cloud software needs the most skilled developers and best resources available to be made.


Cloud software is currently made by the most popular and modern programming languages. These advanced programming languages are necessary to develop the most updated online and mobile app. Today, cloud software is made by Hyper Text Markup Language 5 (HTML5). With HTML5, developers use 3 programming languages to put together apps that are interactive and browser based. These languages include HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • HTML


This programming language is used to add content to web pages.


  • Cascading Style Sheets


With cascading style sheets, developers are able to add elements of presentation to any content on web pages.


  • JavaScript


Using JavaScript allows developers to add elements that make the web page more interactive.




As a business owner, corporation or individual, having a quality website is important to present a professional image and get more visibility. When looking to get a website, it is important to get the technology services you need in order to develop and manage your site. Host services and cloud are two things that will help you put together a quality website and also manage and present data more easily.

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